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#4 AMP Radio
It is one of the leading FM radio stations in Los Angeles and rightfully so as it plays just as much quality top 40 music like KIIS—but with a good sense of style and humor. KAMP-FM (97.1 AMP Radio) lightheartedly pokes fun at its fiercest competitor (KIIS) by lampooning its commercials and prominent personalities through its own promo spots on air. AMP Radio was launched on February 20, 2009 with a slogan “All the Hits” and as part of its big promotion; it played 10,000 songs in a row with no commercial breaks.

#5 97.1 KLSX Talk
One of the best rock radio stations in LA, It’s a misogynistic talk radio that has gone completely rogue—or in cyberspace language occurring via Podcast. Since CBS Radio pulled the plug on its acerbic, testosterone-filled yet sinfully entertaining talk radio to give way to a much more wholesome and financially sound top 40/CHR format in AMP Radio, the mouthpiece for male libido known as 97.1 KLSX FM Talk has found a great home online—at least its former shows have. It’s the same band of unapologetic hosts and their amusingly sexist outlooks but with a much more accessible and far reaching platform– the internet.

As far as Radio Stations in LA goes, KROQ is the station that has rocked and is still rocking the world on a continual basis, KROQ is the real renegade of radio programming–often imitated but never quite duplicated. It is the ultimate authority of the modern rock movement not only in Los Angeles but around the globe. Perhaps its power and mystique can be credited to its anarchic past particularly in the early 80’s when it was a nonpartisan, no-holds-barred station without a clear owner. The DJ’s literally played whatever they wanted during that time—igniting a musical battle cry that can only be defined as “radical”. Programs like the new wave influenced Roq of the 80’s and the mid-90’s grunge debaucheries were legendary and were copied endlessly by various programmers—often with laughable results.

#8 POWER 106
KPWR Power 106 FM is the number one hip hop radio station in LA and according to BDS (Nielsen Broadcast Data System); it is the leading rhythmic contemporary formatted radio station in the US. Though the station gravitates towards hip hop music, it constantly makes conscious efforts of extending its music mix to stay on top of the competition and appease its core audience–consisting of youth and young adults ages 12-34, including the Hispanic listeners.

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