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KXLU is a listener supported radio station broadcasting from the Westchester campus of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. It’s one of the radio stations in LA that is committed to giving underappreciated musicians a collective voice and platform where they can showcase their unique talents to the world while providing their listeners with a commercial free, eclectic and alternative musical experience like no other.

KXLU offers a wide range of radical tunes that include but are not limited to metal, independent and progressive rock, opera, classical, country, Latin jazz, noise, world dance and many other nonconforming musical genres with a little bit of Public Affairs to balance things out. It also houses outstanding programs like “Demolisten” (often credited for the discovery of Beck) and Alma Del Barrio–one of the longest running and most prolific Latin radio shows in the country.

Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction called KXLU “the place where all the good music was”. Demolisten was featured on a TV show in Canada, in LA Weekly and in an indie film “Destroy the Rocker” and was nominated for the best radio show out of all LA radio stations. KXLU was also voted as one of the top 5 stations in the city by the People’s Choice Awards. Apart from playing great music and producing excellent shows, KXLU is one of a very few radio stations in Los Angeles that offers training for students where they can learn the basics of the Radio Industry such as programming, broadcasting, production, technical engineering and more. What better place to learn independent musical thinking than in a station that doesn’t conform to the mainstream drivel. KXLU is all about giving underrepresented music a voice; everything else is secondary.

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