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With more than three decades of unrivaled radio programming and with a weekly audience share of around 2 million dedicated listeners, KLVE 107.5 FM is undoubtedly the undisputed number one Spanish-language radio station in the US, let along the top of Latin LA radio stations. Owned and operated by the television network giant Univision, KLVE is broadcasting loud and proud from downtown Los Angeles at a power of 29,500 watts. Specializing in Spanish Adult Contemporary format, KLVE gets ahead of the competition by simply playing the beautiful tunes that its passionate listeners want to hear and employing equally passionate DJs with a great deal of understanding for quality music.

The result: an enduring brand of programming that has withstood the test of time, crossed language barriers and flourished amidst countless musical trends. Continuing the stations legacy is a mix of vibrant and proven DJs who stop at nothing to give their listeners the much needed musical fix day in and day out. Popular radio personalities among KLVE patrons are Argelia Atilano, Carlos Alvarez, Claudia Acosta, Cely Ledesma, Sofia Soria, Conoce a Silvia Botello and Liz Alvarado—all of whom carry the station’s ideals with great fervor and unmistakable flare.

KLVE not only plays splendid Spanish songs, it also features huge concerts and discusses the latest entertainment news, sports, current events and other topics that appeal to its core demographic. Times may change, musical trends may come and go and advancements in digital technology may have slowly driven off radio into irrelevance; but the KLVE radio experience is eternal. KLVE 107.5 FM is more than just one of the top radio stations in los angeles; it’s a tradition.

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