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It was 2004′s most listened to radio station in the United States (beating WABC in New York) and 2006′s number one amongst all radio stations in Los Angeles (with an average of 1.5 million daily listeners); KFI AM 640 was and still is a major force in American radio broadcasting. Presently owned by Clear Channel Communications, it’s known to many as a politically conservative talk radio station because it features some of the most prominent and bombastic traditionalists in the industry like Rush Limbaugh and former host Laura Schlessinger. However, that distinction has slightly changed in recent years as a slew of hosts came in and collectively advocated a political stance that leans towards libertarianism. KFI AM has a comprehensive news department and employs 20 broadcast journalists. It produces newscasts for other Clear Channel stations in Los Angeles that centers generally on local news as well as relevant national and international current events. It is an affiliate of the influential Fox Radio Network and Fox News reporters are regularly featured in its news segments though its commentators are not as they have shows that are broadcasted on KFI’s rival stations. For its various accomplishments, the station was honored as 2004′s News & Talk Radio Station of the Year by Radio & Records. Most of its hosts if not all, are actively participating in numerous political causes that are in lined with their stations ideology. KFI AM talks the talk and walks the walk while beating the LA Radio Stations competitors in the process.
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