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One of the best rock radio stations in LA, It’s a misogynistic talk radio that has gone completely rogue—or in cyberspace language occurring via Podcast. Since CBS Radio pulled the plug on its acerbic, testosterone-filled yet sinfully entertaining talk radio to give way to a much more wholesome and financially sound top 40/CHR format in AMP Radio, the mouthpiece for male libido known as 97.1 KLSX FM Talk has found a great home online—at least its former shows have. It’s the same band of unapologetic hosts and their amusingly sexist outlooks but with a much more accessible and far reaching platform– the internet.

The renegades of adult entertainment on radio has not wavered nor faltered. They have merely changed forms, reloaded and now they’re back with more grit and venom because modern radio refused to grow balls. Start your day with the notorious Adam Corolla Show (the most downloaded Podcast according to the Guinness book of World Records) and have a dose of those witty unscripted knee-jerk mannish spurts of wisdom that only Adam can deliver. While you’re at it why not follow that dry humor –laden programming with the equally entertaining three way crossfire between Frosty, Heidi & Frank? Or perhaps Danny Bonaduce’s eccentricities and combustible personality would be your very definition of unpredictable radio? All of these and more balls to the wall radio programming in a conveniently laid out Podcast format. You can never put a good radio program down. 97.1 KLSX FM Talk may not be on your LA radio stations dials anymore but its indelible brand of caustic comedy is scattered online for easy pickings.

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