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With over 550,000 weekly listeners and 55,000 subscribers, KCRW is unquestionably Southern California’s leading National Public Radio affiliate and top radio statins in LA. KCRW is one of the world’s most influential independent radio stations. KCRW features a diverse format in radio programming not found elsewhere and it houses an eclectic blend of music, news, arts and more that are exceptional in both scope and style. KCRW’s music channel is a world renowned tastemaker for fresh tunes and its flagship program Morning Becomes Eclectic has been the beacon of innovative and diverse music for over 30 years. It boasts a wide array of musical selection such as world beat, progressive pop, African reggae, jazz, classical and modern music etc.

As one of the best LA Radio Stations, KCRW has been instrumental in introducing artists like Coldplay, Beck, Florence and the Machine, Fiona Apple, Adele, Dido, Norah Jones, Massive Attack and more to its ardent listeners before they made it big in the industry. Apart from music, the station also owns one of the largest lineups of locally-produced programs that are broadcasted throughout the nation or even around the world. The station’s excellence is substantiated by the various awards and accolades it has received over the years from The George Foster Peabody Award, LA Press Club, Radio & Television News Directors Association Awards, Southern California Journalism Awards, Corporation for Public Broadcasting Awards among others. It is New York Times’ “Trendsetting Radio Station” and Detail Magazine’s “Best Bit of Everything” Radio Station.

Truly, great music and programming will always resonate among listeners regardless of genre and format and KCRW successfully highlighted that without conforming to the conventional methods of the mainstream media. One of our favorite radio stations in Los Angeles.

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