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BitCandy is one of our favorite radio stations in los angeles. BitCandy is the Curated Music Filter and Internet Radio for Indie, Pop and Electro Music. .They are a dedicated Music Filter, serving up the very best new music of the Blogosphere. BitCandy’s team (which are indeed humans and not computers) listens to and filters thousands of blog posts, hundreds of new album releases, dozens of indie music publications, along with the word on the street each month to bring you a handpicked, trusted Internet Radio stream of the best songs, unknown artists and what’s buzzing on the web.

BitCandy is just not another one of those Radio Stations in LA. BitCandy has created an entirely new system called Curator, where visitors to BitCandy (that’s you) can earn Curator badges and get paid for their new music discoveries. Achieving Curator status at BitCandy also unlocks blogging credentials, meaning Curators can submit and get paid for blog posts and reviews they create for BitCandy. It’s BitCandy’s view that Music Blogs are fast becoming the new Record Labels. Thus, Curators at BitCandy can make 20% of whatever BitCandy receives for a specific signing.

BitCandy’s 1st signing is a 16 piece alternative folk project, Mother Falcon, ala an early Arcade Fire.
BitCandy additionally offers irreverent Music Reviews, a Featured Music section, a Posers section (for the “most hyped music fails”) and a cutting edge, weekly posting of the Best Indie Songs, Best Electro Bangers and Best Pop, HipHop Remixes & Mashups. It’s BitCandy’s belief that we don’t need another “5 Million Songs in Our Pocket.” No, what we need today is a trusted Music Filter to help discover and serve up just the 100 most amazing new songs on a continual fresh basis, either signed or unsigned…and to discover and explore great music that will enrich our lives (and get us through Mondays).
Also, tune into BitCandy’s own branded Music Charts where they’ve created branded charts for indie, Pop and Electro. We feel that the current charts ala the Billboard Hot 100 single…just aren’t the music charts that todays music loving fans really love.

Tune into one of the best radio stations in LA, BitCandy.

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