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From indie to modern rock, top 40 to hip hop, AM/FM talk radio to Spanish contemporary, eclectic to just about any format there is; the radio stations in LA are as diverse as their demographics. As the most populous city in California (the second most populated in the United States next to New York City) and a thriving immigrant community that accounts for more than 30 percent of its entire population, LA is without a doubt the melting pot of cultures, traditions and music. And with it being a car city, radio plays an integral part in its citizens’ lifestyles. LA is one of the few places in the world where radio stays in tuned with the startling advancements of the digital world–all thanks to the multifarious radio formats that are tailor-made for each core audience. LA is not just known as the film capital of the world but also the Mecca of music and radio. It has produced some of the most famous radio stations and radio personalities not just in the US but the world over.

Just like any flourishing industry, choosing the best among the rest can be tricky. It’s a good problem to have and we, at, have narrowed down the list to the top performing radio stations in the LA metropolitan area. We painstakingly scoured the airwaves and chose what we think are the best of the best, the cream of the crop if you will–complete with station links and their corresponding concise descriptions among others–so that you won’t have to. It is that fun and painless. Plus, you would learn some really informative stuff about different LA radio stations and be updated with the coolest tunes and happenings in the world of music and radio.

So sit back and click away. I guarantee you by the end of this mini site tour, you’ll find the station that would rock your socks off or by the very least strike your fancy. The radio stations in Los Angeles are some of the most colorful and fascinating in the industry. Radio might be entering its almost archaic phase but these stations are making a last stand. They are innovative as much as they are exceptionally entertaining. If you love radio, you’ll love our list and you’ll love our site.

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