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BitCandyis one of our favorite radio stations in los angeles. BitCandy is the Curated Music Filter and Internet Radio for Indie, Pop and Electro Music.They are a dedicated Music Filter, serving up the very best new music of the Blogosphere. BitCandy’s team (which are indeed humans and not computers) listens to and filters thousands of blog posts, hundreds of new album releases, dozens of indie music publications, along with the word on the street each month to bring you a handpicked, trusted Internet Radio stream of the best songs, unknown artists and what’s buzzing on the web.

When it comes to Radio Stations in LA, KISS-FM is the number one hit music station and one of the nation’s top earning radio entities; 102.7 KIIS-FM is the premier outlet for CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio)/Top 40 music and features some of the biggest personalities in radio. It was the home of the legendary DJ Rick Dees until he was replaced by a much bigger star in Ryan Seacrest who now hosts the “On Air” show (the station’s bread and butter) and popularly moonlights as the mouthpiece for the star making machine/reality singing competition show American Idol.

With over 550,000 weekly listeners and 55,000 subscribers, KCRW is unquestionably Southern California’s leading National Public Radio affiliate and top radio statins in LA. KCRW is one of the world’s most influential independent radio stations. KCRW features a diverse format in radio programming not found elsewhere and it houses an eclectic blend of music, news, arts and more that are exceptional in both scope and style. KCRW’s music channel is a world renowned tastemaker for fresh tunes and its flagship program Morning Becomes Eclectic has been the beacon of innovative and diverse music for over 30 years.

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